Unleash the Extraordinary, Mesmerizing Shows for Every Occasion at Kokomo Entertainment

Step into a world of wonder and enchantment with Kokomo Entertainment’s diverse range of captivating shows. Our magical repertoire includes Western Magic, Spiritual Magic, Pirate Adventures, and The Family Spectacular—guaranteed to leave you spellbound. Delight in the festive spirit with Christmas Magic, or join the fun with our Magic Show featuring puppet pals.

Experience the art of Ventriloquism as our skilled performers bring characters to life with wit and humor. Dive into the whimsical world of bubbles with our Bubble Show—Bubble Birthday Cake, Volcanic Eruptions, Square Bubbles, and more. Be amazed by our Juggling Show, featuring fiery performances, LED spectacles, and stilt walker juggling.


Services We Offers

Magic Show

That would leave you dumb struck

Ventriloquist Show

Our ventriloquists bring characters to life

Bubble Show

Dive into an enchanting world of bubbles

Juggling Show

Experience the thrill with our Jugglers