Juggling Show

Juggling Show

Fire Dance

Fire juggling, fire manipulation, and fire dancing are some of the most innovative performance arts that have evolved over the last 10 years.

A show of pure action, which seeks to maintain 100% of the audience’s attention. Circus of Fire is a show for all audiences, ideal for evening presentations. It consists of exciting numbers that mix dance techniques with juggling, manipulation, fire-breathing, humour and direct contact with the audience. Played by two performers and jugglers . they perform this dangerous show very safely, yet full of stunning visual effects, dignifying the motives of the acts with fire.

We have:

  • Juggling performance 
  • Fire Juggling 
  • Led Juggling 
  • Slit walker juggling 

Juggling torches are props used by jugglers. They are usually commercially made props that are made of wood and/or metal with a wick.

Juggling torches are one of the most popular fire props. The Renegade juggling torch is specially made with lightweight materials so that it juggles just like clubs.