Dry Slides

Dry Slides

No water? Slide into Pure Exhilaration with Our Dry Slides

Dry slides offer an adrenaline-packed experience without the need for water, making them a versatile choice for various events and venues. Whether indoors or outdoors, our dry slides promise a thrilling ride from start to finish. Designed with precision and safety in mind, each slide is constructed from top-tier materials. They’re perfect for birthday parties, school carnivals, community events, or any gathering where you want to add a touch of excitement. Without the requirement of water, these slides are especially great for locations where water use is restricted.

mickey mouse wet/ dry slide

bear campout wet/ dry

King Croc wet/dry slide

Kongo Trex slide


titanic Slide

20' Toxic Obstacle Slide

20' Tree House Slide

19' Heavy Haulin' Slide

Gingerbread Slide - 2 Lane

26' Mega Rock Slide - 2 Lane

20' Fire Truck Slide

18' Dynamite Slide

27' Aurora Slide - 3 Lane

22' Wacky Rush Obstacle Slide

Wacky Turbo 360

24' Turbo Slide - 2 Lane

26' Triple Lindy Slide - 3 Lane

23' Shipwreck Slide - 2 Lane

22' Wacky Screamer Slide

24' Wacky Turbo Slide

22' Screamer Slide - 2 Lane

funny farm

Patriot Challenge Rock Slide

24' Wacky Slide - 2 Lane

holiday slide

sport slide

shark slide

Texas Twister

full throttle

Log Jammer

pirate ship

arctic plunge

stanley steamer

monster truck

christmas double slide