Crazy Scientists

Crazy Scientists

Exploring the Wonders of Science through Wild Experiments

Our service for the Crazy Scientists party in Frisco is a thrilling journey into the world of science through wild and exciting experiments. Children become junior scientists as they put on the safety goggles as they diving into eductaional hands-on activities that ignite their curiosity. Our “young scientists” in these Kids Science Parties lead engaging experiments, making complex concepts accessible and fun. From erupting volcanoes to colorful chemical reactions, kids learn while having a blast. It’s science education at its best, sparking a lifelong love for exploration and discovery. We guarantee that your kids and students would really love the mad Scientists party.

We provide Classes for Science

  • after school programs
  • Birthday parties
  • Camps
  • City Rec Centers
  • Farmers Markets

Projects we can make during the one hour Hands on Science

  • Make Bouncing balls
  • Slime
  • Sensory boxes
  • Crystals and rocks
  • Explosions
  • Dry Ice Bubbles
  • Wind theme
  • Things that Fly
  • Magnetic