Obstacle Courses

Obstacle Courses

Obstacle Course for Kids in Frisco Where Challenges Lead to Triumph

Our inflatable obstacle course rentals Frisco TX service is an exhilarating test of strength, agility, and teamwork. We offer a variety of obstacle courses that cater to different skill levels and age groups. Whether it’s a competitive race or a fun, inflatable course, our obstacle course Frisco provides an adrenaline-pumping experience. Participants tackle hurdles, tunnels, and slides while building camaraderie and determination. Ideal for team-building events, school carnivals, and corporate challenges, our ninja obstacle course Frisco fosters a sense of achievement and excitement. Get ready to conquer obstacles and celebrate triumph together.

50'L x 11'W x 16'3"H

2 Man 7 Element Camo

2 Man 7 Element Obstacle Course

4 Man 7 Element Camo Obstacle Course

4 Man 7 Element Obstacle Course

Boot Camp Obstacle course

Bug's Life Obstacle Course

Candyland Funland

Candyland Obstacle Course

Enchanted Forest Obstacle Course

End Zone Obstacle Course

Holiday Obstacle Course

Juggernaut Obstacle Course

Lil' Tykes Obstacle Course

Pirate Challenge Obstacle Course

Redical Run Obstacle Course

45' Delta Force

Black Ops Obstacle

40' Helix Obstacle Course

Pirates Cove Obstacle

Treasure Island Obstacle

Ultimate Challenge

30' Mega Backyard Obstacle

Patriot Challenge Warped Wall

30' Patriot Challenge Obstacle Course

40' Patriot Challenge Obstacle Course

60' Patriot Challenge Obstacle Course

70' Patriot Challenge Obstacle Course

74' Patriot Challenge Obstacle Course

100' Patriot Challenge Obstacle Course

30' Toxic Obstacle Course

60' Toxic Obstacle

70' Toxic Obstacle Course

100' Toxic Obstacle

30' Wacky Rush Obstacle Course

40' Wacky Rush Obstacle Course

63' Toxic Obstacle Course

Wacky Rush 180 U-Turn

70' Wacky Rush Obstacle Course

30ft construction zone

Midway amusement

amusement park


Snow Maze

Halloween Maze

Corn Maze

Carnival Fun House Maze

Fall Harvest Corn Maze

Build & Play (Lego) Playland


Dino Playland

Carnival Playland

Mini Jungle Combo

Western Playland

Candy Playland

Circus Playland

Fun Express Train Station

Farm Yard Playland