Animatronics Dinosaur

Animatronics Dinosaur

Beware He is Rather Large and Life Like our New animatronic Dino . In addition to our large dinosaurs, we have adorable baby dinosaurs for your guests to enjoy.

Your guests can take photos, listen to their roars, and experience beautiful prehistoric creatures. They can even play games or dance with your guests.

We can or birthday party package with a riding dinosaur and 30 Minutes of the TREX

  • Add a back drop for photo
  • add Dino party favors
  • Add a dino egg hunt

Birthday Party Packages

T Rex visit 30 min
Riding dino 30 min
Bubble Machine $ 350 plus travel

We can charm an audience for any occasion
Festival , Open house, birthday party, the Dino Lover

  • Add on a Jump house
  • Dino Party Favors
  • Puppet triceratops

Our baby is ready charm the kids with a gentle roar and personality

Dino Educational

We can offer a presentation and interaction with the TREX
Young children are the best scientists. Their endless curiosity is refreshing and allows them to question, challenge, and observe how the world works. Therefore, because our little ones are budding scientists, dinosaurs remain one of the most fascinating themes in a preschool classroom. Since dinosaurs are no longer alive, there is a sense of wonderment and interest in these mega-sized creatures. 
  • Feed the Dino
  • Dance with the Dino
  • Music with the Dino