Rides / Games

Reckless Carnival Ride
Includes an Attendant. Requires ONE dedicated 20-amp circuit – 50’wx50’lx40’h
Bungee Jump
Mindwinder is the wild, wind-up amusement ride that will keep you smiling spin after spin! A true carnival favorite, the Mindwinder is the perfect attraction for all next level events! Up to 16 passengers can ride at one time so you and all your friends will have endless fun together.
Size:16' - 16' - 10' Power:2
Mechanical Rainbow Unicorn
Size:16' - 16' - 10' Power:2
Mechanical Bull Riding
Size:20' - 20' - 12' Power:2 Setup:indoor/outdoor Operators:1
Robo surfboard
Size:30' - 30' - 6' Power:2 Setup:indoor/outdoor Operators:1
Giant Hungry Hippos
Size:20' - 20' - 12' Power:2 Setup:indoor/outdoor Operators:1
Robo Snowboarding








Size:Variable - Variable - Variable Power:1 Setup:indoor/outdoor Players:9
Cosmic Golf
This is the most fun you will have sitting down-EVER! Welcome to the future of virtual reality. The Virtual Roller Coaster has thrills and excitement around every digital corner. The Virtual Roller Coaster is a Roller Coaster Simulator that uses virtual reality technology to provide a fantastic immersive experience.Size:15' - 15' - 10' Power:2 Setup:Indoor Operators:1
Virtual Roller Coaster


Size:28' - 15' - 28' Setup:Outdoor Operators:2 Players:3
Climb-n-Dangle Rock Wall
Size:80' - 20' - 35' Power:4 Players:1
Boot Camp Inflatable Zip Line
Size:70' - 22' - 28' Power:4 Setup:Outdoor Operators:Multi
Tidal Wave Inflatable Zip Line
ize:15' - 15' - 2' Power:1 Setup:indoor/outdoor Operators:2 Players:2 Ages:10+
Sumo Wrestling
Size:60' - 15' - 10' Power:1 Setup:indoor/outdoor Operators:1 Players:2
Zorb Balls
Mobile Zip Line
The COSMIC TUNNEL is a mind-blowing attraction, guaranteed to test your senses! This is a rotating tunnel that you walk though.
Cosmic Tunnel
Size:30' - 30' - 9' Meltdown is our brand new 8 player action game which challenges your stamina, agility and reactions.
Spider Crawl
Sticky Soccer
Foot Darts
  Virtual golf 
                               Laser tag
wrecking Ball
football Blitz