Petting Zoo & Horses

Package Plans  

Babies for Babies

  •  lots of baby animals 
  •  bottle-fed piglets or goat kids
  • Rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, chicks, chicken, duck
  • Not recommended for large events
  • Starting at 1.5hrs

Little Rancher

  • Llama, larger goats (about 30 animals)
  • Rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks, chickens, ducks
  • Starting at  1.5 hours*

Big Tex

  • Small festivals 
  • Llama plus another large animal for petting (donkey or mini-zebu)
  • Goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks, chickens, ducks
  •  1.5 hours*

Super Tex

  • For large festivals and fairs (city-wide festivals)
  • Lots of goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chicks, chickens, ducks (about 60 animals), plus 3 large animals
  • Separate “ENTER” and “EXIT” gates for improved traffic flow
  • Accommodates maximum 60 guests 
  •  2 hours (minimum time frame)*

Pony Rides      

We offer hand-led pony rides in the venue of your choice: back yard, front side walk, back alley, or any other place that wants a pony ride! 


Exotic  Animal Presentations

Our Exotic Animal Presentations can be tailored to the interest of your guests and the needs of your event.  These are good for rain or shine and can even be substituted for an outdoor petting zoo if your outdoor plans are threatened by rotten weather!

Our material is aligned with Texas Educational Standards (TEKS) and is tailored to be age-appropriate depending on the audience (most appropriate audience is ages 5 and up). 

Creepy Crawlies

  • Can include the “creepy crawlies” such as snakes, lizards, tarantulas, hissing cockroaches, etc. Hands on presentation


   Gentle and Fluffy                                            

Includes 8 soft and sweet animals such as bunnies, ferrets, guinea pigs, chinchillas, etc.

Worldwide Safari

Your host has gone to almost every continent and brought back specimens for us to study. Join her as she tells stories about how these fascinating animals live in nature, how their adaptations enable them to survive in their environment, and how they differ from each other in terms of raising their young, finding food, and walking, burrowing, or gliding around their environment.

  • Auditorium presentation
  • Pre-set list of animals
  • Wireless mic & sound system available
  • Best for schools, churches, libraries or other organization events

* Prices will vary during Peak and Off Seasons- For quote please call or email the office 

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